Must watch: I like Featuring my peers on my songs because the vibe is strong-19 year old Malcom Nuna


Young Musician Malcom Nuna says he is inspired by teenage lifestyle whenever he is writing songs.

He said as a young musician and a teenager, the things he sees and hears in his surroundings makes the music.

 “What inspires me is my surroundings, what I see what I hear, the teenage lifestyle”

In an interview with Laud Marvin on the Saturday jamz show, Nuna said he doesn’t or cant make music out of something he knows nothing about.

“I think you dont have to write about something you dont know or else you go hurt someone”

Nuna said he is a hood boy and like mingling with his peers thus having them or featuring them on his songs because he feels the vibe is always strong.

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Malcom has a 17-track album and plans on releasing more. 

Watch the video below:


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