Life Of A Cheating Partner’ New Skit by Skbeatz Records

Ghanaian Publicist, filmmaker and musician Skbeatz Records

story by Sampson Agyekum

The act of being unfaithful  can cause a breach of trust between partners in a relationship. Undoubtedly, it draws a clear conclusion that this person is truly not capable of a healthy relationship.

Moreover, if one cheats on the other, it breaks up the trust between them.
Well, when there’s no more trust, the relationship is effectively dead!.

Multi talented upcoming filmmaker, actor and publicist Skbeatz Records is out with a short video skit that illustrates a sign to detect a cheating partner and a faithful one on YouTube.

The short story narrates how most faithful ones are able to freely give out their phones and their passwords to their partners without a worry.

They have no fear when giving their partners passwords to access their Phones Apps and other logins.

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Whilst on the other hand, cheating partners are fond of using complicated passwords to prevent their partners from gaining access to their phones and Apps.

The short video drama stars upcoming actors: Sampson Agyekum (Skbeatz Records) and Stephanie Nimoh in just a scene.

Now the questions:
1. Between ladies and gents, who cheats more?
2.  What are the best ways to resolve issues of Cheating in relationships? Is it by murdering? By forgiveness? By hurting each other? By vengeance? By moving on?

Share your thoughts as well on this After watching this video

Source: Skbeatz Records

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