Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly cautions public against consuming fishes washed ashore


The Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly has cautioned the general public against consuming fishes that were washed up unto the shores of some beaches in Accra on Friday, April 2.

Speaking to JoyNews, the Municipal Chief Executive said he and his team noticed that some fishes had washed up the shore of the Osu beach while parading the beach to ensure the Covid-19 safety protocols were being adhered to.

Nii Adjei Tawiah said they thought the fish was likely from a big fish trawler offloading unto the sea, and were unbothered until they noticed something different about the fish.

Those that were around picked a few of them. But this continued the whole of yesterday and we still didn’t see anything wrong until this morning (Saturday) when we realised this is very strange and we need to look into it.”

By mid-morning, the colour of some of the fishes started to change. We have also noticed that even when you cut them, the insides look like glue. So we suspect there is something wrong,” he said.

He however stated that although they suspect the fishes are not good for consumption, they cannot conclude on sight until tests are conducted.

Mr Tawiah revealed that the Municipal Health Director has been to the beach to take samples of the fishes for testing.

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Because it is a holiday, before we get to know something it will be around Tuesday,” he added.

It is suspected that some people have been to the shore to pick up some of the fishes, and so to ensure they do not make their way into the market or the public domain again, Mr Tawiah said he and his team have secured the beach to stop people from picking them.

He said they will also clean the beach and bury the fishes. He added that the Municipal Assembly has also sent out its information van to announce to people to be cautious of the fishes.

Mr Tawiah urged the public to not only stay away from the fishes on the beaches but also avoid buying and consuming fishes which comes various fish sizes and of a cheap price at sale.

The chief fishermen explained to us that these fishes are different from what the Osu fishermen bring, they tend to go further out. But these fishes are very close to shore, so if that is anything to go buy, that is the differentiation we need to put out. To let people know that they are not supposed to buy this type of fish and they should be concentrating on what normally the fisher folks bring.”


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