cheating will not cause me to leave my husband-Ohemaa Woyeje


Ghana’s finest female DJ(disc jockey) and presenter Ohemaa Woyeje has for the first time debunked claims that she fought her husband’s mistress.

According to the on air personality, there was no mistress in the picture and the said lady was just an Asana seller around her workplace.

“It is never true that i fought with any woman supposed to be husband mistress, when my husband comes to Ghana, because he doesnt have any business to attend to here in Ghana, he goes with me to my workplace and perhaps while waiting for me in the car he buys from the traders around the premises and that doesn’t mean he is friends with any of them.

She revealed , that no matter the number of times her husband cheats she will still take him back.

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Broadcaster Ohemaa Woyeje said emphatically that ,even if she catches the man having sex with a mad woman in a gutter, she will clean him up and accept him back as her husband.

“even if my husband sleeps with a mad woman i would still be with him talkless of an asana seller, those kind of childish issues wont make leave my husband”

She made these revelations while speaking on The Delay Show. She added that all those stories were made by people she worked with. Ohemaa said

“My own colleagues made up story and funny enough i knew why they were doing that but it didn’t work on me.” she added….

Ohemaa is known for her gangster and street life she portrays even on air.


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