After two failed marriages, I finally found my soul mate-Ben Brako

Ben Brako and his wife

Ghanaian High-life Musician Benard George Kobena Brako professionally known as Ben Brako has revealed that his marriages could not work due to pressure from people who pushed him into his marriage.

In a response to a question asked by Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay show about whether he was forced into his first and second marriages he said he wasn’t forced but there were a lot of pressure from friends and family.

“I wasn’t forced but I’m saying that people were saying there were too many girls and that you’re getting into a responsible position so you have to get married”

Mr. Brako speaking to delay said his first marriage failed because he and his wife wanted different things in life hence their divorce.

“It didn’t work at a point because we both were interested in different things”

Again Mr. Brako said his second marriage failed because it lacked affection and intensity.

“The relationship became like mundane relationship. The affection and stuff faded out long time” When you’re pushed into marriage. You don’t know what it is about and you’re hoping that it will work out but a lot of times it doesn’t work out, because you really don’t know what you’re going in for. You don’t understand the ramifications of being marriage”

Delay asked him what his point of attraction was he said ” There are many points of attraction but when someone is in love with you and vice versa, its difficult to be apart always in each other’s space, you crave for the person and they make you feel special”

The musician said after two failed marriages, he finally found his soul mate. He said his third marriage is a better one.

“The whole relationship is different, its very intense, it’s very personal. We have so many things in common one of them being culture and heritage”

Ben Brako has been married to his current wife for five years. He is famous with his Baya Album which has ‘entuie,ntsaase,anokum’ among others.

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watch the video below:


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